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Just as noted in The Open Europe blog reconciling head count by different parts of the European Union is not easy.

As at 23 August 2007 from the European Union’s official website Europa the draft 2008 general budget (Annex Part C) projects a 2.3% rise in staff head count from 42,545 in 2007 to 43,564.

For 2007 the breakdown by entity was as follows:

25,235 Commission

5,933 Parliament

3,497 Council

1,882 Court of Justice

836 Court of Auditors

695 Economic and Social Committee

466 Committee of Regions

57 Ombudsman

29 Data-protection supervisor

3,915 Other bodies

42,545 Total

However the budget figures do not tie with those from the October 2007 Statistical Bulletin of Commission staff. These show 32,600 staff at the Commission alone comprised of 23,300 officials and temporary agents and 9,300 other staff for an increase of 7,365. And that increase lifts total head count to just under 50,000.

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