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One striking observation is the distribution of budget commitments by DG relatve to staff. For even though External Relations (taken here to include External Relations, Trade, Development, Enlargement, and, Humanitarian Aid) has 18% of Commission staff it garners just 5% of the Euro 124bn budget. While in contrast the 3% of staff in Agriculture control some 44% of budget commitments. The table below provides relative budget commitment and staff share for the top four DG’s.

DG Budget Share Staff Share
Agriculture 54,910 44% 1,099 3%
Regional Policy 34,694 28% 690 2%
Employment 11,431 9% 806 2%
External Relations 6,660 5% 6,154 18%
Others 16,279 13% 24,623 74%
Totals 123,974 100% 33,372 100%

Source: European Commission budget 2007 report

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  1. I am glad that the number of staff a DG has doesn’t directly relate to the budget they have. It wouldn’t make sense, nor does it say something about how “efficient” a DG is.

    Also I think regrouping several DGs under “external relations” is a bit misleading…

  2. Thanks for your comment Brusselsblogger. I will split out the External Relations items further. At this stage have not formulated a view on DG efficiency but hope to examine in due course.

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