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Of those Directorate Generals that the Commission classifies as External Relations the table below provides the budget / staff ratio for each DG. And within the External relations DG the figures include budget commitments and regular staff working in EC delegations.

DG Budget Share Staff Share
External relations 3,527 3% 2,623 8%
Development 1,244 1% 2,120 6%
Enlargement 1,065 NM 645 2%
Humanitarian Aid 750 NM 213 NM
Trade 72 NM 553 2%
All DGs 123,974 NM 33,372 NM

Source: European Commission budget 2007 report

NM is here taken to be less than 1%

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  1. I am interested in external relation, in particular agriculture, development and food safety. After making the CAST RELEX successfully, is it possible to get information about delegations, vacanies?

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