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Extracted from the 2007 Progress report by European Commission.

Turkey continues to move forward in the EU accession process. So far out of 33 chapters four have been opened and only one closed (Science and Research). The Commission states that 28 of 35 screening reports (80%) have been delivered to The Council and 6 are presently being discussed. Moreover the EU has informed Turkey of the progress required to reach a level of preparedness to start negotiations on 14 chapters.

Besides the EU websites a comprehensive picture of the state of play in the Accession process can be found at the European Union Secretariat General website of the Turkish government. Here the government publishes specifics around the screening process for each chapter of the acquis. At the time of writing screening meetings for all but three (chapters 17, 31, and, 33) of the Country sessions were online.

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  1. Do you think is only a bureaucratic discussion? Is really Turkey progressing related to aquis? I dont think so…Why then Erdogan was threatened to be imprisoned?

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