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Turkey acquis short comments

The following table is drawn from Commission comments in the 2007 progress report on Turkey’s EU accession process which was released 6 Nov 2007. In addition the Commission submitted a revised Accession Partnership document to Council that revises Turkey’s short and medium term priorities.

1 Goods BLOCKED; Limited
2 Workers Early stage
3 Establishment BLOCKED; Limited
4 Capital Incomplete
5 Procurement Underway
6 Company Law Limited
7 Intellectual Law Some
8 Competition High; State aid
9 Financial Services BLOCKED; Good
10 Media Partial
11 Agriculture BLOCKED; Early stage
12 Food safety Limited progress
13 Fish BLOCKED; Some
14 Transport BLOCKED; Limited
15 Energy Some progress
16 Tax Incomplete
17 Economic/Monetary Advanced
18 Open Statistics Well advanced
19 Employment/Social Limited
20 Open Enterprise/Industrial Good alignment
21 Trans Europe Networks Good progress
22 Regional Limited
23 Judiciary/rights Limited
24 Justice Progress
25 Close Science/Research Well prepared
26 Education/Culture Good progress
27 Environment Low
28 Consumer/Health Satisfactory
29 Customs Union BLOCKED; High level
30 External Relations BLOCKED; Advanced
31 Defense High; Cyprus+Wassenaar; Cyprus+NATO
32 Open Financial Control Good
33 Budget No development so far

Source: European Commission

2007 Progress report

Note: BLOCKED chapters will open after resolution of Turkey and Cyprus access issues.

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