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Lobbying points in Europe

As ever more national legislation within Europe is aligned to laws created and set in Brussels lobbying in Europe assumes growing importance. But the question of where and who to lobby is critical.

An August 2006 seminar in networking in Europe provided some useful pointers in where to start Networking in the European Union. The source of the article is: Franziska Annerl (Press & Communications) of the EU-Office of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

The seminar highlights that most effective lobbying for:

  • European Commission is carried out at the legislative proposal phase;

  • European Parliament at Parliamentary committees and at the Green paper stage of legislative drafting; and

  • Council of Ministers is directed toward the COREPER members (or permanent representatives committee).

A list of members from the European Public Affairs Consultancies’ Association is found here.

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  1. Lobbying is the best prospective in relations with the tomorrow world for next century !
    Jean Pierre Cornu
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