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The past six weeks have seen the EU trade commissioner Peter Mandelson make notable announcements on China, Iraq, and, South Korea. Trade talks were also held with the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority.

At the 10th China-EU summit meeting in November besides highlighting the balance of EU-China trade reference was made to ways in which trade could be boosted through:

  • appreciation of the Yuan currency;
  • improvement in product safety of China’s exports (food, toys, consumer products);
  • prevention of counterfeiting;
  • improved access to China’s markets for European products and services; and,
  • enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Besides that as from the start of 2008 the EU announced it had switched from import restrictions on several categories of Chinese textiles to a joint monitoring system with Beijing. The revised arrangements include a combination of export licenses to be issued by Chinese authorities to producers and a stronger surveillance regime to be imposed in Europe.

Dialogue continues on reaching agreement on a Free Trade Agreement with South Korea. And a third round of talks was held with Iraq on a trade and cooperation agreement covering energy, environment, trade, and security among other matters.

The Commissioner also published a speech on globalization following his visit to Asia which can be found here.

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